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Language Consulting

We enable our customers to actively engage in their international markets to successfully achieve their business objectives.ILC offers various service packages to support your business:

Corporate Launch Communication Package

  • ILC will assist you to take up these challenges and provide all the support needed to succeed in these markets.
  • Our experienced interpreters speak for you with your partners and immediately translate back into your own language.
  • Our translators and proofreaders take your words and convey your meaning into the target language(s) for contracts, marketing, product specifications and all forms of written communication.

Marketing Campaign Translation Package

You can rely on our extensive expertise to help you promote your brand to your customers in many different languages:

  • Website content/landing pages
  • Marketing and advertising material (print, digital, TV, video)
  • Social media content
  • Video script translation and voice talent for narration, actors etc

Sometimes transcreation may be better than translation. A translator will give you an accurate rendering of the source text in the target language. Our transcreation specialists are writers who work with a creative brief, transporting your message directly into your target language.

This process is very useful for creative marketing text, as it converts the “look and feel” of the original to the local audience with more impact.

Corporate/Company Events

Whether you are planning an internal event or you want to include your customers, we support you with individual communication solutions:

  • Translation Support
  • Language Training
  • Interpreting
  • Managing Multi-lingual Projects

We coordinate your translations (from invitation to debriefing), train your staff to give speeches or presentations, and arrange interpreting services.

New Branch Communications Services Packages

Our services range from interpretation and translation to cross-cultural communication.Taking advantage of the following services means you can achieve more — faster and more effectively:

  • Simultaneous or telephone interpreting for negotiations, meetings, interviews and the speedy clarification of important matters
  • Translationfor leases, contracts, job vacancies, advertising and other documentation

Just imagine you have to coordinate a new branch in Ivory Coast, sign leases and refurbishing agreements with Ivorian suppliers, hire local staff and meet your deadlines… and all of this from Ghana. ILC can help you to communicate with your partners when working across different languages.

Project Team Communication

Business relationships can become even more complex if your people are communicating virtually. Meaning gets lost, misunderstandings are frequent and the team doesn’t work together well. There may be conflicting interests, different understanding of expectations regarding timing promises, deliverables, etc. Worse still, project costs escalate and deadline overruns are daily business.

If you’re a project leader or a team member ILC have the expertise to help you improve international project team communication, especially when working across different locations, and when using virtual media like web conferencing and emails.


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