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  • Business Language Training

We cater for clients of all sizes. Whether you need language training for a few individuals or an entire workforce, we can help. We provide one-to-one and group lessons. Lessons can be funded by the employer, or privately funded by employees, or even a combination of both.

Business language courses include:

  1. Meetings
  2. Presentations & speeches
  3. Small talk and visitor care
  4. Telephoning
  5. Written correspondence (emails, reports, contracts, guidelines etc.)
  6. Negotiations

Business courses can focus on your individual or group needs. Each module can cover different topics depending on work-related goals.

  • Specialized Language Course

Speaking a second language and carrying out specialized tasks is quite complex because a lot of specific terminology and knowledge is needed. Your trainer will help you acquire the new language and skills in your specific working environment by integrating your material, products and topics into the course.

Specialized training can vary widely depending on industry, company, department or project as this approach requires the use of very specific terminology, functional language and concepts.

Specialized courses are designed to focus on specific working environments for individual or group needs.

  • Intensive Business Language Course and workshop

Intensive business language courses are ideal for employees with limited time who need to rapidly acquire new language skills for special assignments. Flexible workshops of half a day or a full day can help you to perform your tasks in the target language faster and more professionally. More intensive workshops can be spread over one or two weeks or an extended weekend. They only deal with the topics and business skills you or your team needs.

Intensive business language courses give learners a feeling of satisfaction by being able to learn rapidly and communicate better.


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