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Written communication takes many forms and the exact transfer of meaning is crucial when organizations interact with partners worldwide.

ILC work with a network of highly qualified, professional translators, proofreaders and copywriters who translate into their native languages. Dedicated teams serve your translation needs by providing company and industry-specific knowledge using advanced translation technology to give you the best quality at a competitive price.
Project coordinators help you to select the right workflow processes and translation solutions to ensure your words are phrased as you intend.

Our translations provide solutions for many different purposes

  • Industry or sector-specific topics:
    accounting, automotive, legal, oil & gas, finance, pharmaceutical, IT, life sciences, food, retail, real estate, e-commerce, insurance, mining etc.
  • Job, department or task-related topics:
    websites, marketing, advertising, engineering, manufacturing, medicine, tourism, legal documents, corporate communication, policy guidelines, product specifications, human resources, purchasing & procurement etc.
  • DTP services:
    let our language engineers manage your translations e.g. when the source text is provided in graphical software, like Adobe® InDesign® or QuarkXPress®
  • Certified translation:
    often needed for official purposes, e.g. birth, marriage or death certificates, qualifications, drivers licenses, identity cards, court rulings, wills & testaments, authentication of documents by a notary public for use in another country etc.
  • Urgent translations:
    for emergencies we offer faster, overnight service.
  • Transcription:
    audio or video files can be converted into text and then translated.
  • Summaries:
    foreign-language articles, news clippings and media releases are translated as summaries into your language. This service enables you to monitor what is being said about your organization worldwide.

Proofreading assures high quality is maintained by taking a second, independent look at your documents. Quality reviews are held at different stages in the translation process, ensuring your words are well said.

Many different source texts and file formats are possible for a wide range of translations:

  • Corporate communications – guidelines & policies – annual reports & financial reporting.
  • Press releases & media kits.
  • Marketing & advertising materials – brochures – catalogues & magazines – websites – social media content – editorial text for PR purposes – presentations (PowerPoint).
  • Technical documentation – operator or user manuals & instruction booklets – training materials – product specifications – CAD drawings.
  • Contracts & legal documents.

Our specialists use industry- and product-specific terminology ensuring your message is understood by your partners.

For urgent matters, we offer overnight services.


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